We are so happy that you are going to use our products. Before you use them, here is a little history behind them and some helpful hints.

Many of us, as we get older, start to notice that our skin becomes more sensitive.  I know that a few years ago, I couldn’t stand any over the counter products on my skin.  My skin would turn red, get visibly irritated, and then get very dry.   That is not a particularly pretty look to have especially as you get older.  Because my skin was becoming more and more sensitive, I started researching products that aren’t irritating and that could help me with the aging process.  That is how Skin Dip’t began.

All our products are 100% natural without any water, chemicals or preservatives.  If you look at most labels on creams and lotions, the first ingredient is water.  If you have water in a product, you need to have a preservative to prevent mold.  Water is used in many cosmetic products and therefore there are also preservatives.  Our products are preservative and chemical free.  I knew that I didn’t want any chemicals or preservatives on my sensitive skin. The good news about preservatives is that it helps the products have a longer shelf life.

You may not be that familiar with natural skin care.  When you first put on our creams, you may feel that it is greasy….and that’s because it is.  You need to take your time and gently rub the products into your skin.  Do not just rub for 10 seconds….actually rub the products until you don’t feel any more greasiness.  Your skin will become accustomed to this and it will eventually absorb into your skin easier.  The products have different essential oils in them that help with particular issues.  Keep using the creams and you will notice a change in your skin.  Your skin will be clearer and softer.  Honestly, I couldn’t live without these creams.  I put them on when I wake up before I go to the gym, after I take my shower, and before bed.  My skin thanks me for it!

This is our current product line with a description of each product.  Please note that you need to use these sparingly at first and then you can use more if needed:

  1. Eye cream – this cream is made with lavender for the most sensitive skin on your face.  Please gently rub this all around your eye.  It will help with lines and puffiness.
  2. Face cream made with Borage Oil – this cream was made for maturing skin but it is also good for inflammation and acne.  Gently rub all around your face and neck with upward strokes.
  3. Body Butter – this cream is so luxurious and smooth.  Put it all over your body especially in areas where you may be a little extra dry.  You only need a little drop at first but make sure you rub into your skin.  If you use this at night, don’t be surprised if you sleep like a baby!
  4. Lip Balm – my worst addiction!  I cannot live without this.  The Blood Orange is my favorite but all of them are good.

Please let us know how you like the products.  Everything is made with love and care.  We want to offer the best products to our customers so that our customers can look and feel their best.

You can contact Denise at or Brian at

We really need the feedback because we are just starting off on this venture.  Although we have been making these products for years for our family and friends, we are only now making them for everyone else.  We can’t wait to hear from you!