The Skin Dip’t Line of Skin Care Products

Introducing a natural skincare solution specially formulated for sensitive skin, completely devoid of any harsh chemicals. Our product is designed to nourish and enhance your skin’s health while providing a gentle and soothing experience. Chemical Free, Natural Ingredients – The Skin Dip’t Standard Discover the perfect balance between nature and skincare with our chemical-free formula. […]

CBD vs. Marijuana

CBD (cannabidiol) and marijuana are two distinct components derived from the cannabis plant,but they differ significantly in their composition, effects, and legal status. Firstly, marijuana refers to the dried flowers, leaves, stems, and seeds of the cannabis plant. Itcontains numerous compounds, including THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol), which isresponsible for its psychoactive effects. In contrast, CBD is a […]

Eczema/Psoriasis Healing Cream

Introducing the latest creation from Pharm-Essence! Pharm-Essence All Natural Eczema/Psoriasis Healing Cream was formulated to relieve the dry, itchy, flakey redness associated with both eczema and psoriasis.  Each 2oz. jar contains 200mg of CBD and 200mg of CBG.  CBG(cannabigerol) has been called the mother of all cannabinoids because other cannabinoids are derived from CBG. CBG […]

CBD Topical Balms – Skin Dipt CBD – Bel Air, Maryland

Why you should use the Atomic Balm, Mega Balm, and The Mother of all Balms (MOAB)?All three of the CBD topical pain balms have the same ingredients in them except the Atomic and MegaBalms have 300 mg CBD per ounce while the MOAB has 600 mg of CBD per ounce. All are very good atrelieving […]

We love animals

No animal testing EVER.  We love animals and will never hurt an animal.  We do, however, test our products on ourselves, our clients, family, and friends.  This way, we know exactly how it helps people or if anyone reacts to the product. We will be coming out with products specifically to help animals.