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ASE Broad Spectrum 30ml 900mg plus CBG peppermint 0% THC

ASE Pure Naturals Broad Spectrum Peppermint tincture is one of the best tasting Pure hemp extracts available.  This broad spectrum blend contains 0% THC.  It also contains 30mg of CBG.  CBG has been shown to improve stomach conditions such as Inflammatory Bowel Disease and loss of appetite.


ASE Full Spectrum CBD 900mg Peppermint

ASE's premium Full Spectrum 30ml 900mg tincture contains numerous cannabinoids and terpenes.  These work together to provide a beneficial medicinal effect in an all natural compound.  This tincture has a light and pleasant peppermint flavor.


Bloomble Delta-8 1ml 1g vape cart Sour Diesel

Bloomble Delta 8 1ml 1g Sour Diesel vape cartridge has one of the most unique flavor profiles found out there. When you take a hit off of a Bloomble Delta 8 vape cartridge it truly packs a flavorful punch. It’s potent and mouth watering. The feeling and vibe that you enter into when you hit a Bloomble vape cartridge is enlightening and euphoric.