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DOG CBD Drops 10ml 500mg

Our Oral Drops for Dogs are a highly effective means of easing anxiety, pain and inflammation for your four-legged friend! For maximum absorption, simply add the recommended dose to your dog’s food or favorite treat.  Highly concentrated, all-natural, and specially formulated for man’s best friend.  All natural beef flavor will have your dog loving these drops.  Developed by a Toxologist and Pharmacologist from the University of Maryland and Johns Hopkins.  The recommended dose is one drop per ten pounds of your dogs weight.


Dog Treats – Calm & Composed

USDA-grade beef-based dog treats include organic, full spectrum, hemp-derived CBD.  There is 20 mg of CBD in each treat.  It is perfectly mixed with our terpene blend and plant extracts to aid in calming hyperactive or aggressive canines.  Our Calm and Composed Dog Treats are a delicious way to ease your pup’s anxiety or nervousness.


Oral Drops 250mg 10ml Cats

RxRemedies CBD Oral Drops for Cats are formulated by a Toxologist and Pharmacologist from the University of Maryland and Johns Hopkins University.  Made with a higher concentration of CBD with more active ingredients than any brand. These cat drops are coconut-derived MCT oil and organic, full-spectrum CBD at 25mg/mL with anchovy-derived fish oil for a cat’s selective pallet. Not only does anchovy oil provide that fishy flavor cats love, but it is also rich in omega-3s, which are integral for overall health.  Oral Drops for Cats are specially formulated for your feline-friend, and may help relieve systemic pain, inflammation, anxiety, and stress. Can also be applied topically for inflamed skin issues.