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Foxwell Farms 3.5g Yellow Hammer Slammer CBD Flower Hybrid

Local growers, Foxwell Farms, brings you Yellow Hammer Slammer. This CBD flower is bold, robust, and bright. This cultivar boasts a most complex flavor profile. Loud citrus and notes of aged cheese give way to an earthy, clean smoke that keeps you coming back for more!


Freestone Farms Artisnal CBD Flower The Wife 3.5g can

Freestone Farms is a local grower located in southern New Jersey.  They are currently concentrating the efforts on one strain, The Wife.  A hybrid strain with floral, cheesy aromas and a heavy Myrcene terpene content.  It has a total cannabinoid concentration over 20%.


Lancaster County Cannabis 1g pre-rolls 2 pack Lifter

Lancaster County Cannabis 2 pack 1g pre-rolls are huge! Lifter is a great hybrid strain with a perfect 50/50 blend of indica and sativa.  A perfect balanced CBD pre-roll for daytime or evening.  Looking for something different?  Pre-rolls from 8 Amish farmers from Lancaster County Pennsylvania. There guys know how to grow!


Terp Tanks 250mg CBD Vape Cartridge Hybrid

Enjoy Terp Tanks high quality CBD isolate infused with stain specific terpenes.  These pre-filled CBD vape cartridges contain no MCT oils, no VG and no PG/PEG.