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Illuminent Mushie Red Reishi & CBN Tincture Blend 30ml

Illuminent's Mushie Line of Mushroom tincture's are the perfect blend of functional mushrooms and cannabinoids in a convenient 30ml dropper bottle. The Red Reishi and CBN tincture is the perfect bedtime companion.  CBN promotes calmness and sleep.  Red Reishi Mushrooms are known for increasing immunity, reducing fatigue and calming the central nervous system.  They are also very high in antioxidants.  This Mushie blend also contains D-Limonene, Beta-Caryophyllene, Linalool and Beta-Pinene.  It has a delicious pink lemonade flavor!


Leef Organics Steep CBN Bath Tea 23.75mg

Leef's multi-cannabinoid CBN and CBD Bath Tea, helps you to fall asleep and promote a more restful and complete night's sleep. Fall into a relaxing state with Leef's CBN infused bath time tea for the entire body. A whole body soak that soothes the body and encourages more REM sleep while nourishing the skin. It also relieves topical skin irritations and has a pleasant aromatic experience.


Rx Remedies CBD/CBDN Sleep EZ Relief Tablets 45mg 30ct

Rx Remedies CBD+CBN Sleep EZ Tablets include more active ingredients at higher concentrations than any of the competition. Each tablet includes 30mg of CBD and 15mg of CBN. There is also a unique concentration of terpenes and a proprietary herbal blend in each  tablet. A multi-cannabinoid formulation, which may help relieve stress and insomnia in a 30 tablet bottle .


Smak’d Exotic Blend 15,000mg D8 D9 THC HHC 15ct Strawberry Banana

Smak’d Exotic Blend Gummies are possibly the strongest out there. Each gummy is packed with 1000mg of Delta 9, Delta 8, THCP, HHC and CBN! The suggested serving size is a quarter of a gummy! If you are looking for some strong stuff, look no further! The Strawberry Banana flavor is awesome!