Koi Delta 8

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Koi Delta 8 5g Disposable Vape Bar Orange Creamsicle

Koi’s new 5g disposable vape bars are incredible! The new great looking 5g vape device is awesome looking and works great! It is rechargeable with a micro usb charger and a pre-heat setting! You won’t have to though, because the charge lasts for a long time. The flow is great and so is the Orange Creamsicle flavor. This sativa strain is just what you need to take the edge off and enjoy a calming euphoric experience!


Koi Dragon Blend 1250mg D8 HHC D9 THC-P Gummies Variety Pack 10 Count

Koi’s Dragon Blend Gummies are a multi cannabinoid, super strong mind blowing experience! Each gummies is 125mg of Delta 8, Delta 9, and THC-P. 75mg of Delta 8, 40mg of THC-P, 10mg of Delta 9. If you are looking for a fantastic, super strong euphoric experience, Koi’s Dragon Blend Gummies in the 10 count variety pack!