Lion's Mane

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Verdant Leaf Organic Mushroom Blend for Vitality 60ml Tincture

Verdant Leaf’s organic mushroom blend for vitality in a 60ml tincture, combines USDA certified organic Chaga, Cordyceps, and Lion’s Mane to help give you the energy you need everyday.  This vitality blend of organic mushrooms are perfect for the athlete looking to decrease their recovery time and increase their focus. Lion’s Mane mushrooms are known as the “smart” mushroom because of its health benefits that pertain to improving focus, memory, and brain function. The naturally occurring nootropic erinacines found within the mycelium help support improved neural growth factor (NGF). It will increase your focus and mental clarity. Cordyceps mushrooms will boost energy levels and increase stamina to fight fatigue and reduce lactic acid build-up.  Cordyceps is ideal for athletes and high performers who need an edge. Chaga mushrooms have medicinal benefits, including supporting digestion, boosting immunity, fighting infections, reducing inflammation, and repairing gut damage. Vegan Non-GMO Gluten-free USDA Certified Organic