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Chief Stix Menthol CBG Hemp Smokes 20 pk.

Looking to quit smoking?  Wanting to give up nicotine and tobacco but like to light up?  Chief Stix all hemp smokes are your answer!  Chief Stix uses hemp naturally grown in the USA and contains no THC.  Chief Stix contain the beneficial cannabinoid CBG.  CBG has shown results in brain cell heath and in digestion health.  Each stix contains 1200mg of CBG in a refreshing menthol flavor!  One of the best values out there!


Wild Hemp Hempettes Menthol 20 pack

Each Hempette Menthol is packed full of cannabidiol and terpenes to create a delicious, aromatic flavor. They are made entirely from hemp that is grown in the United States.  Hempettes are one of the most bioavailable ways to ingest CBD. This means that your body gets the most amount of cannabidiol possible. Each CBD Cigarette is filled with around 50mg of nutritious, bioavailable CBD. Hemp helps ease restless minds day or night.  Wild Hemp ensures that each CBD Cigarette is filled with the finest, American grown Hemp. Each pack of Hempettes Menthol contains 20 CBD Cigarettes with 50mg+ of CBD in each Hempette. All our CBD Cigarettes contain less than 0.3% THC and have quickly become a popular smoking alternative.