Look what we have……

All Natural Lipstick! Hi everyone! We started producing an all natural lipstick line. So far we have two colors, Bronze Haze and Baby Pink. These lipsticks will not dry your lips out like the big brand manufactures. They are all natural with no chemicals, preservatives or water, just like all of our other products. Each […]

The Miracle Gel

One day, I was talking to my friend, Leslie, about both of our allergies to certain foods and she mentioned that she had tested positive to a corn allergy.  Apparently, corn is in many, many products….more products than we even realize.  Leslie was asking me if I had anything that was corn free and I […]

We’re working hard on new stuff!

We are currently working on new lip balm flavors and new skincare products.  We are going to test two new lip balm flavors and depending on how well they sell, we will consider carrying them permanently. Our new skincare product is our Angel Miracle Gel. This gel is great and will help reduce scarring, light […]