The Miracle Gel

One day, I was talking to my friend, Leslie, about both of our allergies to certain foods and she mentioned that she had tested positive to a corn allergy.  Apparently, corn is in many, many products….more products than we even realize.  Leslie was asking me if I had anything that was corn free and I thought I did but once I looked, I didn’t.

The vitamin E I was originally using was actually made with a byproduct of corn. Wow!  I couldn’t believe it but it’s true.  I immediately switched my vitamin E so that anyone with a corn allergy could use it.  But, as Leslie and I talked more, I began to think that I needed to come up with a product that didn’t have any nuts in it either.  I use shea butter (distant relative of the brazil nut) in most of my products and although it is said that most people with nut allergies aren’t allergic to shea butter, I didn’t want to take a chance.  I decided I needed to make a soothing nut and corn free product so that Leslie and anyone else could use it.

When I originally started making my own skin care products, I made a night cream that was very thick and greasy.  I personally love a greasy product because my skin feels like it is extra moisturized.  I take my time and really make sure that I rub the cream in so that it is absorbed by my skin.  Since I love this product so much, I decided to tweek it to make it good enough for Leslie to use.  That is how the miracle gel began.  It started from an allergy and now, well, try it for yourself, it’s a miracle.   It’s soothing, refreshing, and although greasy you only need to use a little at a time